Background - where have we come from?


The allotment sites have existed since the 1940's and the Ward End Gardeners Association (WEGA) was founded in 1951.

Originally the Association had nine sites in Ward End and Washwood Heath: Over the years, four of these have gone - St Margaret’s Road 2, Lime Tree Road lower half, Drews Lane and Ward End Park Road.- all to building development, leaving five remaining sites - Northleigh Road, St Margaret’s Road 1, Black Pit Lane, Lime Tree Road and Fairholme Road, Between them, there are 185 plots available for letting.

In the 1970’s Northleigh Road site was upgraded under the “Thorpe Plan” for allotments which gave us the facilities (pavilion, toilets and lockers, water and electric) that we have today, but that plan didn't extend to all the other sites. . Northleigh Road then became the headquarters of the association and it is the venue for most of our events. Over time we have added other facilities in containers - Main Stores, Office, Kitchen and Storage. In 2011 pavilion suffered vandalism so the Association raised funds for a refurb, renewing the roof, rewiring, and painting, using a combination of contractors and WEGA members.

The other four sites have water supplies, toilets and space for parking cars and over the years have acquired other faciltiies such as a tearoom or store-shed, through the work of plotholders on the site, and/or Association .funds. In 2019, we bid for and won two Veolia Envirogrants - one for Lime Tree Road and one for Fairholme Rd, so facilities on these sites should improve over the next few months...

The committee that runs the association is elected annually each November from plotholders. Apart from the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, we try to ensure that each site has representatives at the regular meetings, to voice their differing concerns and problems

I'm interested in having a plot - so what do I do?

Each site has some longstanding plotholders who are familiar with its facilities and are able to tell newcomers what grows well as well as give tips about how to get going. Plots can be used to grow vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs or whatever you fancy, for your family, friends and neighbours. But if your main interest is fresh air and exercise, or a place for the family to enjoy the outdoors, that's fine.too.

After you've checked out the information on the website, the best thing is to come along at the weekend and have a look round, meet people on the site, and have a cuppa with us.. At Northleigh Road the gates are usually open 11.30 to 1, Saturdays and Sundays or you can ring up the Secretary, Hester, on 07812 248447 to make arrangements to visit any of the sites at a suitable time.. Or use the Contact Us page to send an email saying what site(s) you're interested in.

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