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W.E.G.A Class Room 2.

Leigh Road Primary School First Visit to Northleigh Road Allotment.

On the 16th and 17th April, 90 children from year 5 at Leigh primary school in Washwood Heath, came on a short visit to Northleigh Road site. Accompanied by their teachers and teaching assistants, they had a look round and did some drawings after being welcomed and introduced to allotment life by Chairman Mick Merrill. Then we split into groups to look at plants on the plots and in our polytunnel, to plant some seed potatoes in the ground, and finally to sow pumpkin seeds in little pots to take home.

This is what our visitors had to say about their visit:

" I really liked going to the allotment centre. I didn't know that people could grow so many different vegetables"; "I can't wait to grow my own spinach and pumpkin when I get home" Year 5 pupils.

"This was definitely a great and memorable experience! Mick and Hester have made the experience even better as they have shared their knowledge and passion with us. The children have learnt so much from that visit and it had sparked a lot of interest which carried on throughout our topic in school. After the visit, the children have grown cress in different materials including cotton wool. They have also learnt about germination and investigated what the perfect condition was for herbs to grow.” Year 5 Teacher.

This is the second primary school to visit us since last year and we’re expecting another visit from Ward End primary school on 21st May. We welcome contact from other schools too – benefits all round for us and them.

Two of the pupils planting seed potatoes and giving them a first watering

Report from Hester Blewitt, Northleigh Road site rep.

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