School Projects

Slatefield road Primary school

Has two plots at St Margaret's road Site for six year,

One Plot is a Teaching facility and the other is a wildlife & Vegetable Garden

Ward End Primary School

Ward End Primary have had growing facilities on school grounds for a number of years.

Northleigh road Field Trip

Good morning Hester,

thank you, the staff and children really enjoyed it and yes they did say it was their best trip ever! Yes that is a really lovely article, it is fine to quote me and other members of staff. We would have to get consent if you wanted to put pictures of the children up on the website, which can be quite a lengthy process. We have got pictures of the activities and yes if children are not identifiable it should be okay. I will send you some appropriate pictures this afternoon.

Have a great day!

Arandeep. (Miss A RAI wardend primary school)

Follow link to school visit

No Photo's available

Anthony Road Primary School (Ingleton road nursery)

Have one plot at Black Pit Lane Site for two years and have project to expand their involvement at the site.

St Anthony school are applying for a grant for the refurbishment of the old stores, to create an on site class room for the children.

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