School Projects - Use of Pavillion as external class room.

Ward End Gardeners Association

Can offer their facilities at Nothleigh Road Allotments for use as an open air classroom to any of the local Primary Schools any school interested should contact Hester Blewitt plot 49 Northleigh Road Allotment.

Schools currently associated with W.E.G.A.

Ward End Primary School

Ward End Primary have had growing facilities on school grounds for a number of years.

Northleigh Road Field Trips

Follow link to school visit

Leigh Road Primary School

Northleigh Road Field Trips

On the 16th and 17th April, 90 children from year 5 at Leigh primary school in Washwood Heath, came on a short visit to Northleigh Road site.

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Anthony Road Primary School (Ingleton road nursery)

Have one plot at Black Pit Lane Site for two years and have project to expand their involvement at the site.

St Anthony school are applying for a grant for the refurbishment of the old stores, to create an on site class room for the children.

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