W.E.G.A. Annual Flower and Vegetable Show 2016.

Saturday 10th September 2016

W.E.G.A. Annual Flower & Vegetable Show Report

Ward End Garden Exhibitors well done all I think everyone got at least one red card

Show week weather not to bad until Thursday wet and windy trouble putting up flower marquee Friday dry but windy the bric a brac marquee nearly when over the fence into a neighbour’s garden. Because of the weather we moved the flower into the pavilion and transferred the vegetables into the marquee it proved to be a good move. It was a good job we cut all of the flowers on Friday as it rained all night and most of Saturday but we still had to lift parsnips, celery & Leeks on Saturday.

As Show secretary I was pleased with the quality of the exhibits. We had excellent flower exhibits lots of Dahlia’s, Gladioli and arrangements strangely no Chrysanthemum’s the children section was well supported along with the culinary section (what was the ladies section). To the public the vegetables may not be as spectacular as flower exhibits they are of primary importance to plot holders and still the main reason for allotments. We did have some really good veg on show the most popular with exhibitors were potatoes, sweet corn and chillies.

We had a number gaps on the show benches the most significant being the chrysanthemums even though they were available other peas, beans & lettuce were missing this could be down to the fact we have held our show later than previous years, even so the earlier date was border line for some crops also a lot of the good crops will have gone to the canon hill show benches which this year was staged before our show, so this year it has been a real dilemma for exhibitor/plot holders which is their priority. Another factor is that growers that planted in a very good May and got caught out by a cold & wet June, the very hot July and August which meant some did not recover if they did they were poorly developed still edible but no good showing.

Again as show secretary I am disappointed with the number of plot holders who entered the show all year I have been trying to convince fellow plot holders to enter the show with little success the answer it is always the same excuses “we’ll never win”, It’s an old boys club”, “I cannot compete against joe bloggs he has been at for years.” or “I don’t know how too”.

Don’t listen to the negative gardener who sit by his shed saying “I can grow better than that” or “I have nothing to prove” and “you’ll never win” or “you will never be any good”, but offering no help we all know one of them, alternatively you can talk to me or Mick also most exhibitors are approachable talk to them he or she may give you some good advice you may find a little bit of advice will lead to a great deal of success. Most gardeners are competitive in the sense they want to grow better plants than their neighbour and the only way you prove it one way or the other is to put your veg or flower next to your neighbours and the information you will get will help improve your crops overall.

Once again well done to all who contributed.

W.E.G.A. Show Secretary.

Flo Pickering Trophy

winner Christine Cullen

Ron Winkett Trophy

winner Sam Percival

Black Pit Cup

winner Hester Blewitt

Mrs Crosskeys Cup

winner Sam Percival

Annie Ford Memorial Cup

winner Hester Blewitt

Committee Cup

winner Brian Wiley

Les Beacham Cup

winner Tom Percival

W R James Cup

winner Mick Merrill

Master Gardeners Trophy

winner Sam Percival

John Lodge Cup

winner Eirwen & Rowan Percival

Junior Cup

winner Alex Percival

Phil Ballard Cup

winner Mick Merrill

Association Cup

winner Sam Percival

Best in show (Dahlia)

Winner Brian Wiley

Best in Class(Vegetable)

Winner Derek Cullen

Best in Class (Dahlia)

Winner Brian Wiley

Best in Class (Gladioli)

Winner Sam Percival

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