Kate Lancaster Trophy

Is awarded to the exhibitor who has accumulated the most points from the Early Flower Show, Annual Flower & Vegetable Show, and Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Show (Now combined with annual show). (all exhibitors are automatically included in this Competition.

Potato Competition (Not held in 2018)

Is for the maximum weight of potatoes grown from a single tuber of unknown variety each tuber has to be planted in isolation. The tubers can be obtained from the secretary in March. This is an inter-site competition between the five W.E.G.A. sites, but it is for any individual plot holder enter.

Best Plot

The plot judging is carried out by judges who are independent from the association. Three best plots from each of the five sites are selected for judging by the judges on a nominated day. each plot will be marked 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and the overall winner will be awarded from the winner of each site.

B.D.A.C. Competitions

These are Five external competitions administered by the Birmingham District Allotment Confefderation. Best Plot, Best Newcomer, Best Site, Most Improved and Best Community Integration. The W.E.G.A. Association committee enters these competitions annually. The B.D.A.C also administers the Birmingham Allotment Show with five classes for allotment societies and fifty classes for individual plot holders to exhibit

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