Ward End Gardeners Association Constitution Est 1951

The Constitution is made up as the following

1. The Name of the association shall be the "Ward End Gardeners Association"

2. The Object of the association shall be to promote the interests of allotment holders and gardeners.

3. Subscriptions to be determined at annual general meeting.

4. The Officers shall be President, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and Auditors who shall be ex-officio members of the committee.

5. Committee to be of not less than eight members.

6. Quorrum to consist of not less than five members.

7. Officers and committee to retire at annual meeting, but will be eligible for re-election.

8. Annual meeting to be held two months after the end of the financial year.

9. No Politics or Religion to be discussed at Association meetings.

10. Committee to meet each month.

11. The members of the committee will not be responsible for any depts which may be incurred by the association as a result of insufficient finances.

Birmingham Allotment Rules

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