The Allotments have existed since the 1940's

The Association was founded in 1951.

When Sites in Ward End and Washwood Heath joined together at that time there were nine sites Northleigh road, St Margaret’s road 1 & 2, Black Pit Lane, Lime Tree road 1& 2, Fairholme road, Drews Lane and Ward End Park road.

Ward End Gardeners Association was officially formed and recognised in 1951. In the intervening years we have lost Drews Lane and Ward End Park road, One of St Margaret’s road sites and the lower half of Lime Tree 1 & 2 site all to building development. This leaves the current association of the five remaining sites.

In the 1970’s Northleigh road was upgraded under the “Thorpe Plan” for allotments which gave us the facilities (Pavilion, Toilets and Lockers water and electric) we have today. Northleigh road then became the head quarters of the association and it is the venue for all of our functions over time we have added a Main Stores, Office, Kitchen and Storage containers. All of the other site have Water supplies, Toilets and Car parking facilities. We hold all of our functions/events at Northleigh road and sadly the pavilion became a target for the local nondescript and in 2011 it was completely refurbished new roof, rewired painted inside and out work carried out by a combination of contractors and members with funding raised by the association.

We are currently working to make Northleigh road disabled friendly but this is in the early stages with fund raising we have good relationship with the local community

There is a committee that runs the association, currently managing One Hundred & Eighty Five Plots across five remaining sites. , consists of a three man executive and one or two members from each site, But we have an open door policy where any member can attend and question any committee decision. There is always help and encouragement for new plot holders we encourage plot holder to bring their children along get them involved because without new blood sites will no survive.

We are open weekends 11-30am to 1-0pm come along and meet us and have a cup of tea you might like what you find. We can accommodate the needs of most people where they wish to grow food, flowers or just fresh air and exercise.

S A Merrill – Chairman

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